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Choosing The Correct Colours

Choosing the correct colours for a room and for your home can be a struggle. If you’re currently undergoing a home redecoration or are considering one in the near future and are struggling for colour and design ideas, this post is designed with you in mind.

Internal decorating inspiration

Take inspiration from the already existing colours inside your home. For instance, take a look at your furniture and find colours to suit. If you’re redecorating a single room, look at the colours used in other rooms and jot down what you do and don’t like about the colour scheme and assess it’s appropriateness for the new room. Why not use your favourite colour or take inspiration from the colour of the clothes you wear and see if they sit well painted onto a wall. Taking inspiration from the things around you is a great place to start.

External decorating inspiration

If you’re uninspired by the things around you, why not take inspiration from other people. Takes notes from family and friends and see how they have painted and decorated their homes and see if it matches your tastes. Or use the Internet/Facebook and research colour schemes and design ideas.

Set the mood

If you’re struggling to pick a paint colour/wallpaper, why not think about the mood that you’re trying to set in the room and start from there. For instance, where you might use a bright colour in the dining room to set a mood that encourages happiness and laughter, you might use a softer colour in a children’s bedroom to encourage sleep and rest.

Feature walls are another great way of setting a mood in a room. We’ve previously released a blog post discussing all of the dos and don’ts of feature walls; you can take a look at that here.

Colour schemes

We’ve briefly mentioned colour schemes, but we’d definitely recommend using one to keep the home redecoration consistent. You can choose a tonal colour scheme, using the same colour but slightly varying tones. You can choose a harmonious scheme, using colours that are close to each other on the spectrum or you can use a contrasting colour scheme, using colours that are completely opposite but will inject life into a room.


If you have colours in mind but aren’t 100% sure, a tester might be the best avenue to explore. Purchase a couple of related tester pots and paint them onto a sheet of lining paper. Once dry, put the lining paper up and try them on different walls throughout the room to see the different effects. Or, if you prefer wallpaper, buy a single roll and pin/blue tack it across the length of the wall and again, test it throughout the room.

Call a professional painter

If you’re still struggling to choose the most suitable colour for your home or feel that your home could benefit from some professional advice, why not call a professional that has years of experience in painting and decorating? For instance, we’re more than happy to offer our advice throughout the Bridgend and Vale of Glamorgan area and we’d love to get started on turning your home into a colourful home. After all, there are plenty of reasons to hire a professional painter and decorator.

Give us a call on 07816 201130 or 01656 659701. We’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.