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Timbabuild Wood Repair  Timbabuild is a comprehensive range of products designed to enable high quality, durable and cost-effective timber repairs to be carried out, with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.Timbabuild Wood Repair Resin is a 2 part cartridge delivery system which is designed for ease of use, strength and flexibility in professional paint and refurbishment contracting.Timbabuild repairs are guaranteed for 50 years and are always stronger than the...

Painter decorator, Vale of Glamorgan

Paint Vs Wallpaper

Different colours can drastically change the mood and dynamics of a room. You can alter the moods of a room using paint or wallpaper. If you’re unsure about which you might prefer, take a read of the rest of this post...

Painter and decorator, Vale of Glamorgan

Choosing The Correct Colours

Choosing the correct colours for a room can be a struggle. If you’re currently undergoing a home redecoration or are considering one in the near future and are struggling for colour and design ideas, this post is designed with you in mind.

Decorator in Vale of Glamorgan

Signs It's Time To Redecorate

The traditional spring clean is fast approaching, but why wait to get started on the redecoration of your home? Don’t wait until the weather warms to add a fresh lick of paint, start from the inside and do it now. 

Redecoration, Vale of Glamorgan

Our Guide To Redecoration

Redecorating is fun. It’s an opportunity to add some much needed life into your home and completely revamp the way it looks to family and friends. We’ve provided a full guide on how we think redecoration projects should be undertaken...

Common painting mistakes, Vale of Glamorgan

Most Common Painting Mistakes

This article discusses some of the most common painting mistakes. These mistakes might range from aimlessly painting in any direction, using incorrect paint in heavy-duty areas, using cheaper, inefficient rollers and much more. Please take a read.