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Paint Vs Wallpaper

As we uncovered in our previous post, different colours can drastically change the dynamics of a room. Bright colours set a mood that resembles happiness and laughter, whilst shallower, paler colours set a mood that resembles sleep and calmness. You can alter the moods of a room using paint or wallpaper. If you’re unsure about which you might prefer, take a read of the rest of this post.


Correct preparation is key for the successful application of both paint and wallpaper and there aren’t any real benefits that come from choosing either. If you’re painting, cover the cracks and dents and apply primer if you’re painting over darker colours. If you’re wallpapering, cover cracks and dents all the same and remove any existing wallpaper from underneath.

Here we use dustless sanding to prepare the perfect wall.


Once the preparation is done, paint jobs are relatively quick to complete. If you’re an experienced painter, you can have a couple of rooms completed to an immaculate standard within 24 hours.

The same can’t be said for wallpapering, which is especially tedious and seriously time consuming, especially if you want that perfectly aligned finish. Although this disadvantage doesn’t matter when you hire a professional decorator to do it. Avoid the stress and hire a professional painter and decorator in Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan to do the work instead.

It is worth mentioning that wallpaper can be great for hiding imperfections in the wall, if you so wish to skip the preparation stage, although we wouldn’t recommend this in case of future redecoration purposes.


After application, paint looks great. However, over the years you might begin to see cracks, finger and furniture marks and general wear and tear, meaning you’ll have to repaint to maintain that initial perfect look.

On the other hand, quality wallpaper is built to last, but as design trends move on so fast, you might find yourself wanting to redecorate before you begin to notice any signs of wear and tear. This is where the main disadvantage comes in; removing wallpaper is equally as tedious as it’s application, typically taking longer to remove it than to apply it. However, choose a wallpaper design that you love and you needn’t worry about this for a while.


Wallpaper is a great way to add an extra depth of character to a room, which simply can’t be achieved through one tone of paint.


Paint is low cost and offers an almost unlimited amount of different colours and options. Whilst wallpaper offers an almost unlimited amount of design options too, it costs more to buy. However, you might save money in the long-term where you need to reapply paint on areas that have suffered general wear and tear.

Is a combination best?

You can now purchase paintable wallpaper, which is a great way of adding character to a wall with different designs and textures. Maybe a combination of the two is the best way to change the dynamics of your home?

If you would like to hire a painter and decorator in Bridgend or the Vale of Glamorgan and would like to speak to us about painting or wallpapering your home, please do so by filling out our contact form with some more information about what you would like or by giving us a call on 07816 201130 or 01656 659701. We’ll look forward to speaking with you soon.