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External Decoration

A good exterior paint job transforms the appearance of your home so much it`s like getting a new home almost overnight.

Why is it so important to paint the external of your house

House painting is important for many reasons. Obviously, a good paint job beautifies and adds character and personality to your home. Just for that reason it’s important to take sufficient time planning which colors, shades, and paint styles you want to decorate your home with. But paint also serves as one of your home’s primary lines of defense against weather, insects and other damage, so it’s an important aspect of home maintenance to keep up on as well.

When is the best time to paint outside

There`s a few factors to take into consideration for this,I personally don`t start painting externals until the weather has broken normally April but sometimes May and then up until October but in a mild year then November can be the latest i would take on an external,although you may choose to use a pliolite based masonry and your basically good to go all yea round

What colour do you go for

Once you’ve decided on a house painting project, you’ll need to choose your colour. There’s no set rule here to guide you. The wide variety of colours to choose from, and the combinations that are available when it comes to woodwork(trim), doors, and other extras, make this choice mostly a personal one. One of the best ways to get pointed in the right direction is to drive around your area  looking for homes that catch your eye. Try to figure out what it is about them that turned your head.

Lets try out those colours

Another good rule of thumb is to test out colours on your home before you start. Once you’ve noted what others have done, and have visited a paint supply retailer to get some more ideas, test out a few potential colours on a nondescript part of your home just to make sure it’s what you expect. Colours that look fantastic on a tiny brochure can strike you a lot differently when they’re covering an area of a couple square feet. Try out a few options so you can compare them, and give yourself a few days to mull over the colour/s. Taking this advice can save you a dilemma in the long run

Professional or diy`er!

Once you’ve chosen the colour schemes and paint, the next step is to start the home painting itself. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, be sure to read up on proper painting procedure, from surface preparation right on down to finishing touches. Figuring it out as you go can be a valuable learning experience, but where painting is concerned it can also mean a lot of extra work and unsatisfactory results when it comes to the final product. If you think home painting might be a little out of your league, talk to an experienced painting contractor in your area about getting your house painting job underway so you can enjoy your beautiful new exterior paint job for years to come.